For the second consecutive year, the Benevento took the “Tombolato”. In a difficult and masculine match, the Giallorossi came out in the final thanks to a goal from Capitan Maggio (Kragl’s perfect cross). The net of the advantage, arrived at the 70′, is scored by the former turn Gabriele Moncini that head bags behind Paleari. Iori’s draw net, after just six minutes, thanks to a penalty assigned by the Tuscan whistle for foul of Letizia on Stanco. The sorcerers, with an extra man from the 46′ of the second half, won a match that, as stated by the Piacenza technician at the press conference, is worth double for the difficulties encountered and for the greedy opportunity to stretch over the competitors. The Sanniti, who returned to the city last night, will return to work on Tuesday afternoon when the preparation for the derby next Sunday against Salernitana will begin.

Photo IPP/Emanuele Pennacchio
Cittadella 25/01/2020
Soccer Serie B Championship 2019 – 2020
Cittadella vs Benevento
In the photo: Christian Maggio exults at 1-2 goal